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What is coaching? How would you feel to have resolution around your health issues? Are you having health issues related to lifestyle? How do you feel when you wake up each morning? How would you feel to have great relationships? Are you thriving-body, mind, and spirit? Just a small sample of ways coaching will move you from functional to OPTIMAL. What does a coach do?   A coach helps you discover what is really important to you. And then helps you shift from all the things you "should" be doing to what you really want to do. A coach partners with you to design effective strategies to help you make the life of your dreams a reality.   You will be encouraged to examine how your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs result in actions that either help you get where you are going, or maintain you where you are. You will be supported to break through or move around personal road blocks that have stymied your progress in the past. And the vision you have for your life and your progress will be celebrated each step along the way. Your agenda is the coach's agenda.   What doesn't a coach do?   A coach doesn't:  • Give advice-although a coach may help you determine if you need to seek professional advice to meet your goals.  • Provide therapy-although a coach may refer you to a therapist to help deal with emotional or psychological situations.   What are the differences between therapy and coaching?   A therapist typically helps you deal with unresolved issues from the past, or an emotional crises where healing is needed to help you move forward. A therapist may also diagnose and treat conditions, such as depression and anxiety. Therapists may also work with couples to deal with serious relationships issues that could lead to a separation or divorce.   A well-trained coach works with you to achieve future goals and dreams. A coach will encourage you to focus on what's important to you and help you figure out how to accomplish what you truly desire.
Coaching Packages Complimentary Introductory Session will introduce you to the concept of coaching. Learn more about coaching, get a demonstration and know what will get you on your way.   Four Telephone Coaching Sessions - $400 For busy people wanting to initiate positive life changes.   Four 50 minute sessions (to be used within a six-week time frame)   Life Satisfaction Assessment   Goal Setting   Unlimited Email Check-ins Per Week Twelve Telephone Coaching Sessions - $1200 For people who are ready to take control of their lives. Twelve 50 minute sessions (to be used within a 15-week time frame) Life Satisfaction Assessment   Goal Setting   Creating a plan for sustainable success   Introduction to the Law of Being and Leadership Development   Unlimited Email Check-ins Per Week   Custom Packages - Tailored around personal health issues                                   Metabolic Syndrome                                  Adult onset prediabetes                                  Detox Program for lifestyle changes                                  Hormone balancing                                                   Contact me to schedule your session today!
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